ARHM - Motorized rewind hose reel

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At-source extraction of exhaust gases from motorbike, cars, vans, trucks and heavy vehicles


ARHM is Aerservice Equipments' motorized rewind hose reel conceived for fixed, centralised or sliding systems and for the positioning of the nozzle close to the vehicle exhaust. The hose reel is supplied with a crush-proof hose ("TGA") in various diameters for different kinds of vehicles. The system is designed to extract gases at the source with the help of specific rubber or stainless steel nozzles and to resist the high temperatures coming out from engines (up to 180 °C with peaks of 200 °C).


  • ARHM - 75 mm diameter (L. 7,5/10/12,5/15 m)
  • ARHM - 100 mm diameter (L. 7,5/10/12,5/15 m)
  • ARHM - 125 mm diameter (L. 7,5/10/12,5/15 m)
  • ARHM - 150 mm diameter (L. 7,5/10/12,5/15 m)


Aerservice Equipments' hose reel ARHM is realized with plastic, aluminum and powder-painted steel components which allow the machine to be light and resistant at the same time. The harmonic steel springs are preloaded and pre-calibrated according to the length and the diameter of the flexible hose. Plates and barrels are available in 4 different sizes in order to adapt to all possible kinds of flexible hoses. The ARHM uses Aerservice Equipments' innovative and exclusive rotation system “Rotomax”, designed to allow easy unwind/rewind over the time, also in heavy duty conditions.

Added values

  • - Light weight structure with plastic, aluminum and powder-painted steel components;
  • - Innovative and original rotation system “Rotomax” with aluminum-alloy press-melted components and anti-friction material inserts, in order to guarantee long-life, precision, resistance to pressure and allowance for alignment;
  • - Crankcase with grease distribution system;
  • - Possibility to extract fumes and fine dust, even for high temperature use, with specific versions on demand.
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