ARMOTECH - Articulated arm with rigid tube for welding smokes and micro-particles

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Extraction of welding smokes and micro-particles


ARMOTECH is Aerservice Equipments' articulated extraction arm with rigid tube and external pantograph structure. Thanks to the materials and the innovative design, ARMOTECH allows the operator a high manoeuvrability during use, a stable positioning and an exceptional strength. Wall versions can be equipped with an extractor fan and a wall bracket for connection to the ventilation ducts of a centralized system. The versions for benches/ mobile units are provided with a 360° rotating base. Not to be used for dust or liquids.


  • ARMOTECH Ø 100 mm - for benches or wall - lengths: 1,2 m, 2m, 3m
  • ARMOTECH Ø 125 mm - for benches or wall - lengths: 2m, 3m, 4m
  • ARMOTECH Ø 160 mm - for benches or wall - lengths: 2m, 3m, 4m



ARMOTECH's external load-bearing structure is in reinforced steel to guarantee durability over time, while the rigid aluminium tube grants lightness to the assembly. The stable positioning is granted by gas pistons positioned along the pantograph structure.

A special wall bracket allows fixation of two articulated arms under one ventilator.

Extraction hood

High-performance extraction hood made to our design for greater extraction efficiency, complete with manual damper for the airflow calibration. The hood is also equipped with an anti-intrusion security grid and a handle. It is possible to add a lighting kit.

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Applications Welding, Plasma cutting
Hose (extraction arms) rigid

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