PFA - Underfloor exhaust gases extraction system

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Underfloor exhaust gases extraction


PFA is Aerservice Equipments' underfloor gas extraction system. It can only be installed when the construction of the new repair shop has not yet seen the completion of masonry work and flooring in the working area. This type of system is recommended in the following cases:

  • Lay-out already defined and not subject to relocation, including future rearrangements;
  • No more than 5 extraction points on each line;
  • Partial cotemporaneity rate (no more than 3 out of 5);
  • Extraction lines no more than 40/50 m in length, including fumes expulsion duct;
  • Extraction points can be installed in areas that are protected from constant movement of vehicles.


  • PFA1 die-cast aluminium trap - for small and medium engine size cars
  • PFA2 cast-iron trap - for vans, trucks and heavy vehicles
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PFA - Underfloor exhaust gases extraction system
PFA - Underfloor exhaust gases extraction system

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    PFA1: Die-cast aluminium.

    PFA2: Cast-iron GS 500-7 according to ISO 1083 / EN 1563.

    Shall the TGA hose be retracted into the floor trap, it is recommended to use a quick connector between the hose and the nozzle to avoid damages. In this way the TGA hose can be completely retracted inside the trap. The TGE hose is not suitable for retraction in the trap and is recommended for external use.

    Added values

    • - PFA1: natural anti-slip aluminum underfloor manhole cover.
    • - PFA2: anti-slip cast-iron type “4 L” homologated manhole cover. Resistant up to 250 Kn according to EN 124. Black hydrosoluble paintcovered.
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