Shipping costs include transport and packaging and are always free in Italy (islands excluded).

For shipments abroad, the conditions and methods must be defined in advance.

Shipping Times

Shipments will take place on average within 24 hours of receipt of payment by express courier who will deliver the goods directly to the address you provided when ordering.

The courier delivers without notice and in any case, as a rule, on the day following the day of dispatch. The seller is not responsible for any delivery delays or additional costs charged to the customer in the event that an incomplete or incorrect address is provided. The goods travel with a regular transport document and are understood to have been delivered to the place indicated.

For unloading and deliveries carried out in ways that make exceptional and ancillary services indispensable, a fee will be payable by the Customer to cover the higher costs incurred (for example: deliveries to floors, both upper and lower, in a limited traffic area or pedestrian precinct, uncomfortable localities, or all the other causes that characterize uncomfortable delivery and any other case of excessive use of operational time). The service is to be requested at the time of the order.